Comparison of Top 4 Electric Pressure Cookers

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With Christmas coming, one of the top small kitchen appliances will surely be on many gift lists. With so many different brands and features available, the search for the perfect electric pressure cooker could be daunting.  Well, get yourself a fresh beverage and take a look at the comparisons that I've done for you. I hope that this will help you to choose the best electric pressure cooker for you, or someone you love!

And now….. the ratings,  based upon the 10 most recent reviews on Amazon as of this posting date. 

The Instapot DUO 060 7 in 1 Multicooker received 6 five star ratings, 1 four star rating, 2 three star ratings and 1 one star rating. Positive comments included that users love the saute feature, love the delay and slow cooker feature, and that it worked perfectly every time. Some negative comments about this unit were that users need to experiment to get the timing right, that it takes longer than other brands to come to pressure, and that it can be complicated to use. Despite this, the Instapot DUO 060 remains the #1 best seller on Amazon in Small Kitchen Appliances. 

The Cuisinart CPC 600 received 6 five star ratings and 4 one star ratings. Positive comments included that it is easy to use, easy to clean, and convenient to use. Some negative comments were that it did not build pressure, it burned the food, and that it worked fine in the beginning but then slowly stopped working.  





The Power Pressure Cooker XL earned 6 five star ratings, 1 four star rating, and 3 one star ratings. Positive comments were that it is simple to use, it is used almost everyday, and that there is no mess, making it easy to clean. Some negative comments were that the pressure valve fell out when cleaning, the owner's manual was unclear, and the pressure valve failed. 

Finally, the Elite Platinum EPC 808 BL earned 9 five stars and 1 one star. Positive comments included that it had a good user manual, was easy to use, and you could set it and forget it. Some negative comments were that it did not work, that the company wouldn't replace the unit, and that the company would only respond online.  

No matter which unit you decide is best for you, one thing will become absolutely true. You will LOVE your new appliance and just like me, you will probably wonder how you ever lived without it! Click here to see WHY I LOVE MINE SO MUCH!








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